hps-0.14: Haskell Postscript

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Path type and functions.



data Path Source

Path data type,in cartesian space.

(+++) :: Path -> Path -> PathSource

Infix notation for Join.

line :: [Pt Double] -> PathSource

Line segments though list of Pt.

polygon :: [Pt Double] -> PathSource

Variant of line connecting the last Pt to the first.

rectangle :: Pt Double -> Double -> Double -> PathSource

Rectangle with lower left at Pt and of specified width and height. Polygon is ordered anticlockwise from lower left.

arc :: Pt Double -> Double -> Double -> Double -> PathSource

Arc given by a central point,a radius,and start and end angles.

arcNegative :: Pt Double -> Double -> Double -> Double -> PathSource

Negative arc.

annular :: Pt Double -> Double -> Double -> Double -> Double -> PathSource

Annular segment.

flatten :: Path -> PathSource

Apply any transformations at path. The resulting path will not have any PTransform nodes.

renderLines :: [Ln Double] -> PathSource

Render each (p1,p2) as a distinct line.

renderLines' :: [Ln Double] -> PathSource

Collapse line sequences into a single line.