hs-twitter-0.2.8: Haskell binding to the Twitter API

MaintainerSigbjorn Finne <sof@forkIO.com>
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



Monad for bookkeeping Twitter interactions.



data TM a Source


withEnv :: (TMEnv -> TMEnv) -> TM a -> TM aSource

withCount :: Int -> TM a -> TM aSource

withPage :: Int -> TM a -> TM aSource

withAuth :: Bool -> TM a -> TM aSource

fromSource :: String -> TM a -> TM aSource

fromSource foo action indicates that foo is the source of the twitter. Not all Twitter API actions currently like being passed a source= argument (e.g., search actions), so you may have to be selective about where you apply this action..

getDefArgs :: TM [(String, String)]Source

getDefArgs returns the default arguments to pass to all Twitter API actions. The default-default is the empty list. See also getSource / fromSource.

runTM :: AuthUser -> TM a -> IO aSource

liftIO :: IO a -> TM aSource

data Result a

A type for parser results


Ok a 
Error String 

decodeStrict :: JSON a => String -> Result a

Decode a String representing a strict JSON value. This follows the spec, and requires top level JSON types to be an Array or Object.