hsXenCtrl-0.2.0: FFI bindings to the Xen Control library.




data Xen a Source

Xen is a monad transformer stack consisting of ErrorT, WritterT and IO.


Monad Xen 
MonadIO Xen 
MonadError XenError Xen 
MonadWriter XenMessages Xen 

runXen :: Xen a -> a -> IO aSource

Given a Xen action and a default value, will run the action returning the result on success or the default value on failure.

runXen_ :: Xen a -> IO ()Source

Executes the Xen action

execXen :: Xen a -> IO (Either XenError a, XenMessages)Source

Runs the Xen action, returning the result (or Left error) and a trace of messages.

newtype DomId Source

DomId identifies the Xen VM


DomId Word32