hsc3-0.13: Haskell SuperCollider

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Unit generators to access information related to the synthesis environment.



sampleRate :: UGenSource

Sample rate of synthesis server, frames per second.

sampleDur :: UGenSource

Duration of one sample, seconds.

radiansPerSample :: UGenSource

Duration of one sample, radians.

controlRate :: UGenSource

Control rate of synthesis server, periods per second.

subsampleOffset :: UGenSource

Sub-sample accurate scheduling offset.

numOutputBuses :: UGenSource

Number of allocated output audio rate buses.

numInputBuses :: UGenSource

Number of allocated input audio rate buses.

numAudioBuses :: UGenSource

Number of allocated audio rate buses.

numControlBuses :: UGenSource

Number of allocated control rate buses.

numBuffers :: UGenSource

Number of allocated buffers.

numRunningSynths :: UGenSource

Number of runnings synthesis nodes.

poll :: UGen -> UGen -> UGen -> UGen -> UGenSource

Poll value of input UGen when triggered.

poll' :: UGen -> UGen -> UGen -> UGen -> UGenSource

Variant of poll that generates an mrg value with the input signal at left.