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NRT operations.



insertBy_post :: (a -> a -> Ordering) -> a -> [a] -> [a] Source

Inserts at the first position where it compares less but not equal to the next element.

import Data.Function
insertBy (compare `on` fst) (3,'x') (zip [1..5] ['a'..])
insertBy_post (compare `on` fst) (3,'x') (zip [1..5] ['a'..])

at_last :: (a -> b) -> (a -> b) -> [a] -> [b] Source

Apply f at all but last element, and g at last element.

at_last (* 2) negate [1..4] == [2,4,6,-4]


nrt_merge :: NRT -> NRT -> NRT Source

Merge two NRT scores. Retains internal nrt_end messages.

nrt_merge_set :: [NRT] -> NRT Source

Merge a set of NRT. Retains internal nrt_end messages.

nrt_empty :: NRT Source

The empty NRT.

nrt_insert_pre :: Bundle -> NRT -> NRT Source

Add bundle at first permissable location of NRT.

nrt_insert_post :: Bundle -> NRT -> NRT Source

Add bundle at last permissable location of NRT.

bundle_map :: (Time -> Time) -> ([Message] -> [Message]) -> Bundle -> Bundle Source

Apply temporal and message functions to bundle.

nrt_close :: NRT -> NRT Source

Delete any internal nrt_end messages, and require one at the final bundle.