hsc3-0.15.1: Haskell SuperCollider

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Graph and related types.



type NodeId = Int Source

Node identifier.

type PortIndex = Int Source

Port index.

data Graph Source

Type to represent unit generator graph.




nextId :: NodeId
constants :: [Node]
controls :: [Node]
ugens :: [Node]


data KType Source

Enumeration of the four operating rates for controls.




data FromPort Source

Type to represent the left hand side of an edge in a unit generator graph.


data ToPort Source

A destination port.


ToPort NodeId PortIndex 


type Edge = (FromPort, ToPort) Source

A connection from FromPort to ToPort.


find_node :: Graph -> NodeId -> Maybe Node Source

Find Node with indicated NodeId.

node_label :: Node -> String Source

Generate a label for Node using the type and the node_id.

is_node_c :: Node -> Bool Source

Is Node a constant.

is_node_k :: Node -> Bool Source

Is Node a control.

is_node_u :: Node -> Bool Source

Is Node a UGen.

edges :: [Node] -> [Edge] Source

Calculate all edges given a set of NodeU.

graph_maximum_id :: Graph -> NodeId Source

Find the maximum NodeId used at Graph (this ought normally be the nextId).

ktype :: Rate -> Bool -> KType Source

Determine class of control given Rate and trigger status.

find_c_p :: Sample -> Node -> Bool Source

Predicate to determine if Node is a constant with indicated value.

push_c :: Sample -> Graph -> (Node, Graph) Source

Insert a constant Node into the Graph.

mk_node_c :: Constant -> Graph -> (Node, Graph) Source

Either find existing Constant Node, or insert a new Node.

find_k_p :: String -> Node -> Bool Source

Predicate to determine if Node is a control with indicated name. Names must be unique.

push_k :: Control -> Graph -> (Node, Graph) Source

Insert a control node into the Graph.

mk_node_k :: Control -> Graph -> (Node, Graph) Source

Either find existing Control Node, or insert a new Node.

find_u_p :: UGenParts -> Node -> Bool Source

Predicate to locate primitive, names must be unique.

push_u :: UGenParts -> Graph -> (Node, Graph) Source

Insert a primitive NodeU into the Graph.

mk_node_u :: Primitive -> Graph -> (Node, Graph) Source

Either find existing Primitive node, or insert a new Node.

mk_node_p :: Node -> PortIndex -> Graph -> (Node, Graph) Source

Proxies do not get stored in the graph.

mk_node :: UGen -> Graph -> (Node, Graph) Source

Transform UGen into Graph, appending to existing Graph.

prepare_root :: UGen -> UGen Source

Transform mce nodes to mrg nodes

sort_controls :: [Node] -> [Node] Source

If controls have been given indices they must be coherent.

mk_graph :: UGen -> Graph Source

Variant on mk_node starting with an empty graph, reverses the UGen list and sorts the Control list, and adds implicit nodes.


type Maps = (Map, [Node], Map, Map, [(KType, Int)]) Source

node_ktype :: Node -> Maybe KType Source

Determine KType of a control UGen at NodeU, or not.

mk_ktype_map :: [Node] -> [(KType, Int)] Source

Map associating KType with UGen index.

ktype_map_lookup :: KType -> [(KType, Int)] -> Int Source

Lookup KType index from map (erroring variant of lookup).

mk_maps :: Graph -> Maps Source

Generate Maps translating node identifiers to synthdef indexes.

fetch :: NodeId -> Map -> Int Source

Locate index in map given node identifer NodeId.

fetch_k :: NodeId -> KType -> [Node] -> Int Source

Controls are a special case. We need to know not the overall index but the index in relation to controls of the same type.

Implicit (Control, MaxLocalBuf)

type KS_COUNT = (Int, Int, Int, Int) Source

4-tuple to count KTypes.

ks_count :: [Node] -> KS_COUNT Source

Count the number of controls of each KType.

mk_implicit_ctl :: [Node] -> [Node] Source

Construct implicit control unit generator Nodes. Unit generators are only constructed for instances of control types that are present.

add_implicit_ctl :: Graph -> Graph Source

Add implicit control UGens to Graph.

localbuf_count :: [Node] -> Int Source

Zero if no local buffers, or if maxLocalBufs is given.

add_implicit_buf :: Graph -> Graph Source

Add implicit maxLocalBufs if not present.

is_implicit_control :: Node -> Bool Source

Is Node an implicit control UGen?

is_implicit :: Node -> Bool Source

Is Node implicit?

remove_implicit :: Graph -> Graph Source

Remove implicit UGens from Graph


multiple_u_out_edges :: [Edge] -> [FromPort] Source

List of FromPort_U at e with multiple out edges.

node_descendents :: Graph -> Node -> [Node] Source

Descendents at Graph of Node.

PV edge accounting

pv_multiple_out_edges :: Graph -> [Node] Source

List PV Nodes at Graph with multiple out edges.

pv_validate :: Graph -> Graph Source

Error if graph has invalid PV subgraph, ie. multiple out edges at PV node not connecting to Unpack1FFT & PackFFT.

ugen_to_graph :: UGen -> Graph Source

Transform a unit generator into a graph.

import Sound.SC3.UGen
ugen_to_graph (out 0 (pan2 (sinOsc AR 440 0) 0.5 0.1))