hspec-expectations-pretty-0.1: hspec-expectations with pretty printing on failure

Safe HaskellNone






:: String

A message that is displayed with the assertion failure

-> Expectation 



:: (Eq a, PrettyTerm a) 
=> String

The message prefix

-> a

The expected value

-> a

The actual value

-> Expectation 

Asserts that the specified actual value is equal to the expected value. The output message will contain the prefix, the expected value, and the actual value.

If the prefix is the empty string (i.e., ""), then the prefix is omitted and only the expected and actual values are output.

shouldBe :: (Show a, PrettyTerm a, Eq a) => a -> a -> ExpectationSource

actual `shouldBe` expected sets the expectation that actual is equal to expected (this is just an alias for @?=).

shouldSatisfy :: (Show a, PrettyTerm a) => a -> (a -> Bool) -> ExpectationSource

v `shouldSatisfy` p sets the expectation that p v is True.

shouldReturn :: (Show a, PrettyTerm a, Eq a) => IO a -> a -> ExpectationSource

action `shouldReturn` expected sets the expectation that action returns expected.