hspec-formatter-github- A Formatter for hspec that provides Github Actions Annotations
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



This module is internal! Use at your own risk. Breaking changes to this module will not necessarily be reflected in PVP versions.



withGithubActionFormatter :: Formatter -> Formatter Source #

This option enhances a given Formatter with annotations that will show up on the correct test item failure. This allows you to use the test output you want, and additionally get Github Action annotations.

data ErrorCommand Source #

A representation of the Github Actions error format.



errorCommandFor :: Path -> Item -> Maybe Location -> FailureReason -> ErrorCommand Source #

Make a suitable error annotation from an hspec failure.

Not clear what to do with the Maybe Location here: do we use the one from the Item, or this one? What if both or neither are available? Also not clear whether to use itemInfo.

formatErrorCommand :: ErrorCommand -> String Source #

The github actions command format.

emitGithubActionAnnotation :: Path -> Item -> FormatM () Source #

If you want to extend