hsqml- Haskell binding for Qt Quick

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Facilities for working with weak references, finalisers, and factory pools.


Weak Object References

data WeakObjRef tt

Represents a weak reference to a QML object which wraps the type tt.

Unlike ordinary strong references, a weak reference does not prevent the QML garbage collector from collecting the underlying object. Weak references can be used to monitor the life cycles of QML objects.

toWeakObjRef :: ObjRef tt -> IO (WeakObjRef tt)

Converts a strong ObjRef into a WeakObjRef.

fromWeakObjRef :: WeakObjRef tt -> IO (ObjRef tt)

Converts a WeakObjRef into a strong ObjRef.

If the underlying QML object has already been collected then the resulting ObjRef can be used to reincarnate it.

Object Finalisers

data ObjFinaliser tt

Represents an object finaliser function for QML objects which wrap the type tt.

newObjFinaliser :: (ObjRef tt -> IO ()) -> IO (ObjFinaliser tt)

Create a new object finaliser from a finaliser function.

Note that at the time the finaliser is called the runtime will have already comitted to collecting the underlying QML object. The ObjRef passed into the finaliser can be used to reincarnate the object, but this QML object will have a distinct identity to the original.

addObjFinaliser :: ObjFinaliser tt -> ObjRef tt -> IO ()

Adds an object finaliser to an QML object.

The finaliser will be called no more than once for each time it was added to an object. The timing of finaliser execution is subject to the combined behaviour of the Haskell and QML garbage collectors. All outstanding finalisers will be run when the QML engine is terminated provided that the program does not prematurely exit.

Factory Pools

data FactoryPool tt

Represents an object factory which maintains a one-to-one mapping between values of type tt and QML object instances.

ObjRefs manufactured by the pool are cached using the wrapped type tt as the lookup key in an ordered map. The pool uses weak references to automatically purge objects which no longer have any strong references leading to them from either Haskell or QML code.

newFactoryPool :: Ord tt => (tt -> IO (ObjRef tt)) -> IO (FactoryPool tt)

Creates a new FactoryPool using the supplied factory function.

getPoolObject :: Ord tt => FactoryPool tt -> tt -> IO (ObjRef tt)

Return the pool's canonical QML object for a value of tt, either by creating it or looking it up in the pool's cache of objects.