http-conduit- HTTP client package with conduit interface and HTTPS support.

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered




browse :: Manager -> BrowserAction a -> ResourceT IO aSource

Do the browser action with the given manager

makeRequest :: Request (ResourceT IO) -> BrowserAction (Response (Source (ResourceT IO) ByteString))Source

Make a request, using all the state in the current BrowserState

getBrowserState :: BrowserAction BrowserStateSource

You can save and restore the state at will

getMaxRedirects :: BrowserAction IntSource

The number of redirects to allow

getMaxRetryCount :: BrowserAction IntSource

The number of times to retry a failed connection

getAuthorities :: BrowserAction (Request (ResourceT IO) -> Maybe (ByteString, ByteString))Source

A user-provided function that provides optional authorities. This function gets run on all requests before they get sent out. The output of this function is applied to the request.

getCookieFilter :: BrowserAction (Request (ResourceT IO) -> Cookie -> IO Bool)Source

Each new Set-Cookie the browser encounters will pass through this filter. Only cookies that pass the filter (and are already valid) will be allowed into the cookie jar

getCurrentProxy :: BrowserAction (Maybe Proxy)Source

An optional proxy to send all requests through

getUserAgent :: BrowserAction ByteStringSource

What string to report our user-agent as

getManager :: BrowserAction ManagerSource

The active manager, managing the connection pool