hxt-8.5.1: A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell.



interface to the HXT XML and DTD parsers

version: $Id: ParserInterface.hs,v 1.1 20060501 18:56:24 hxml Exp $



substHtmlEntityRefs :: ArrowList a => a XmlTree XmlTreeSource

substitution of all predefined XHTMT entities for none ASCII chars

This arrow recurses through a whole XML tree and substitutes all entity refs within text nodes and attribute values by a text node containing of a single char corresponding to this entity.

Unknown entity refs remain unchanged

substXmlEntityRefs :: ArrowList a => a XmlTree XmlTreeSource

substitution of the five predefined XMT entities, works like substHtmlEntityRefs

substEntityRefs :: ArrowList a => [(String, Int)] -> a XmlTree XmlTreeSource

the entity substitution arrow called from substXmlEntityRefs and substHtmlEntityRefs