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Namespace filter

Namespaces are processed with two main filter, propagateNamespaces and validateNamespaces.

propagateNamespaces takes a XML tree and attaches extra namespace info at every tag name and attribute name. So after processing a tree with propagateNamespaces, the access functions namespaceOf and universalNameOf deliver the associated namespace (or "") for tag names and attribute names.

validateNamespaces checks whether names are wellformed related to the XML namespace definition. whether a legal namespace is declared for all prefixes, and whether attribute names are unique related to universal names.

type NamespaceTable = NsEnv
propagateNamespaces :: XmlFilter
propagateNamespaceEnv :: NamespaceTable -> XmlFilter
validateNamespaces :: XmlFilter
validate1Namespaces :: XmlFilter
isNamespaceDecl :: XmlFilter
type NamespaceTable = NsEnvSource
Type for the namespace association list, used when propagating namespaces by modifying the QName values in a tree
propagateNamespaces :: XmlFilterSource

propagate all namespace declarations "xmlns:ns=..." to all tag and attribute nodes of a document.

This filter does not check for illegal use of namespaces. The real work is done by propagateNamespaceEnv.

The filter may be applied repeatedly if neccessary.

propagateNamespaceEnv :: NamespaceTable -> XmlFilterSource
attaches the namespace info given by the namespace table to a tag node and its attributes and children.
validateNamespaces :: XmlFilterSource
validate the namespace constraints in a whole tree. result is the list of errors concerning namespaces. Work is done by applying validate1Namespaces to all nodes. Predicates isWellformedQName, isWellformedQualifiedName, isDeclaredNamespace and isWellformedNSDecl are applied to the appropriate tags and attributes.
validate1Namespaces :: XmlFilterSource
a single node for namespace constrains.
isNamespaceDecl :: XmlFilterSource
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