hxt-xslt-8.5.2: The XSLT modules for HXT.

MaintainerUwe Schmidt (uwe@fh-wedel.de)



Version : $Id: XsltArrows.hs,v 1.1 20061111 15:36:05 hxml Exp $

The HXT arrow interface for the XSLT module

The application programming interface to the arrow modules of the Haskell XML Toolbox. This module exports all important arrows for input, output, parsing, validating and transforming XML. It also exports all basic datatypes and functions of the toolbox.



xsltCompileStylesheet :: IOSArrow XmlTree CompiledStylesheetSource

Compile a document representing an XSLT stylesheet into an internal representation

The internal representation is an abstract syntax tree for the XSLT rules. XSLT imports and includes are evaluated and the rules are normalized and prepared for easy application.

xsltCompileStylesheetFromURI :: IOSArrow String CompiledStylesheetSource

A convinient function for combining reading a stylesheet and compilation.

Reading an XSLT stylesheet is always done without validation but with namespace propagation. Comments are removed from the stylesheet.

xsltApplyStylesheet :: CompiledStylesheet -> IOSArrow XmlTree XmlTreeSource

apply a compiled XSLT stylesheet to a whole document tree

The compiled stylesheet must have been created with xsltCompileStylesheet or xsltCompileStylesheetFromURI

xsltApplyStylesheetFromURI :: String -> IOSArrow XmlTree XmlTreeSource

apply an XSLT stylesheet given by an URI to a whole document tree

The string parameter is the URI of the XSLT stylesheet. In case of an error during stylesheet compilation or stylesheet application all children of the root node are removed and the error status is set in the attribute list of the root node of the input document.