ideas-1.2: Feedback services for intelligent tutoring systems

Portabilityportable (depends on ghc)
Safe HaskellNone






Location information

Navigator type class

class Navigator a whereSource

For a minimal complete definition, provide an implemention for downs or allDowns. All other functions need an implementation as well, except for change. Note that a constructor (a -> f a) is not included in the type class to allow additional type class constraints on type a.


up :: a -> Maybe aSource

down :: a -> Maybe aSource

downLast :: a -> Maybe aSource

left :: a -> Maybe aSource

right :: a -> Maybe aSource

childnr :: a -> IntSource

location :: a -> LocationSource

top :: Navigator a => a -> aSource

leftMost :: Navigator a => a -> aSource

rightMost :: Navigator a => a -> aSource

downs :: Navigator a => a -> [a]Source

downTo :: Navigator a => Int -> a -> Maybe aSource

Tree walks

data Leafs a Source


Wrapper Leafs 
Update Leafs 
Eq a => Eq (Leafs a) 
Show a => Show (Leafs a) 
Navigator a => Iterator (Leafs a) 

Uniplate navigator