inline-c- Write Haskell source files including C code inline. No FFI required.

Safe HaskellNone



interruptible variants of the Language.C.Inline quasi-quoters, to call interruptible C code. See for more information.

This module is intended to be imported qualified:

import qualified Language.C.Inline.Interruptible as CI


exp :: QuasiQuoter Source #

C expressions.

pure :: QuasiQuoter Source #

Variant of exp, for use with expressions known to have no side effects.

BEWARE: Use this function with caution, only when you know what you are doing. If an expression does in fact have side-effects, then indiscriminate use of pure may endanger referential transparency, and in principle even type safety. Also note that the function may run more than once and that it may run in parallel with itself, given that unsafeDupablePerformIO is used to call the provided C code to ensure good performance using the threaded runtime. Please refer to the documentation for unsafeDupablePerformIO for more details.

block :: QuasiQuoter Source #

C code blocks (i.e. statements).