isobmff-builder- A (bytestring-) builder for the ISO base media file format ISO-14496-12

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Meta data for a presentation of a movie.



type MovieBox = Box "moov" Source #

The metadata for a presentation, a single MovieBox which occurs only once and top-level. It is pretty empty on it's own, but it contains nested boxes with all the relevant meta data.

movieBox :: forall ts. ValidBoxes "moov" ts => Boxes "moov" ts -> Box "moov" Source #

Compose a movie box from the required Boxes.

movieBoxContainer :: Container "moov" Source #

The movie box container, use this to create movie boxes filled with nested boxes, for example:

 xxx :: Box "moov"
 xxx = movieBox
          :- movieHeaderBox (MovieHeader ...)
          :- trackBox
              :- trackHeaderBox
              :- trackReferenceBox
              :- trackGroupingIndication))

Orphan instances

BoxRules Symbol "moov" Source # 

Associated Types

type RestrictedTo "moov" (t :: "moov") :: Maybe [k] Source #

type IsTopLevelBox "moov" (t :: "moov") :: Bool Source #

type RequiredNestedBoxes "moov" (t :: "moov") :: [k] Source #

type GetCardinality "moov" (t :: "moov") (c :: "moov") :: Cardinality Source #