isohunt-0.1: Bindings to the isoHunt torrent search API

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



The Item data type. This should be imported qualified so as not to conflict with the accessors from the Response and Image data types:

 import qualified IsoHunt.Response as Response
 import qualified IsoHunt.Item as Item
 import qualified IsoHunt.Image as Image

 ... Response.title r ... Item.title i ... Image.title im ...

These fields are mostly undocumented; see for an example response.


data Item Source




title :: Text
link :: Text
guid :: Text
enclosureUrl :: Text

The link for the *.torrent file on isohunt's website, eg

length :: Integer

Size in bytes

tracker :: Text
trackerUrl :: Text
kws :: Text
exempts :: Text
category :: Text
originalSite :: Text
originalLink :: Text
size :: Text

human-readable filesize (eg "1.4GB")

files :: Integer
seeds :: Maybe Integer
leechers :: Maybe Integer
downloads :: Maybe Integer
votes :: Integer
comments :: Integer
hash :: Text
pubDate :: Text