iterIO-0.2: Iteratee-based IO with pipe operators




inumStopString :: Monad m => ByteString -> Inum ByteString ByteString m aSource

Feeds input to an Iteratee until some boundary string is found. The boundary string is neither consumed nor passed through to the target Iter. (Thus, if the input is at end-of-file after inumStopString returns, it means the boundary string was never encountered.)

mapI :: (ChunkData t, ListLike t e, Ord t, Eq e, Monad m) => Map t a -> Iter t m aSource

Reads input until it can uniquely determine the longest key in a Map that is a prefix of the input. Consumes the input that matches the key, and returns the corresponding value in the Map, along with the residual input that follows the key.

mapLI :: (ChunkData t, ListLike t e, Ord t, Eq e, Monad m) => [(t, a)] -> Iter t m aSource

mapLI is a variant of mapI that takes a list of (key, value) pairs instead of a Map. mapLI = mapI . fromList.