iteratee-0.3.4: Iteratee-based I/O




myfdRead :: Fd -> Ptr CChar -> ByteCount -> IO (Either Errno ByteCount)Source

Alas, GHC provides no function to read from Fd to an allocated buffer. The library function fdRead is not appropriate as it returns a string already. I'd rather get data from a buffer. Furthermore, fdRead (at least in GHC) allocates a new buffer each time it is called. This is a waste. Yet another problem with fdRead is in raising an exception on any IOError or even EOF. I'd rather avoid exceptions altogether.

myfdSeek :: Fd -> SeekMode -> FileOffset -> IO (Either Errno FileOffset)Source

The following fseek procedure throws no exceptions.

newtype Errno

Haskell representation for errno values. The implementation is deliberately exposed, to allow users to add their own definitions of Errno values.


Errno CInt 


select'read'pending :: [Fd] -> IO (Either Errno [Fd])Source

poll if file descriptors have something to read Return the list of read-pending descriptors