ivory-hw- Ivory hardware model (STM32F4).

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data Reg t Source #

An I/O register containing a value of type "t". Define registers using the "mkReg" functions.


Reg Integer 

mkReg :: forall t. IvoryIOReg t => Integer -> Reg t Source #

Previously, this was a smart constructor to raise an error if the address is invalid, but we didn't find a way to parameterize the valid address space by the platform, so now mkReg accepts all addresses.

readReg :: IvoryIOReg a => Reg a -> Ivory eff a Source #

Read an I/O register, returning an Ivory value.

writeReg :: IvoryIOReg a => Reg a -> a -> Ivory eff () Source #

Write an I/O register from an Ivory value.