json-0.9.1: Support for serialising Haskell to and from JSON

Copyright(c) Galois, Inc. 2007-2009
MaintainerSigbjorn Finne <sof@galois.com>
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred







data GetJSON a Source

Parsing JSON

The type of JSON parsers for String

runGetJSON :: GetJSON a -> String -> Either String a Source

Run a JSON reader on an input String, returning some Haskell value. All input will be consumed.

Reading JSON

readJSNull :: GetJSON JSValue Source

Read the JSON null type

readJSBool :: GetJSON JSValue Source

Read the JSON Bool type

readJSString :: GetJSON JSValue Source

Read the JSON String type

readJSRational :: GetJSON Rational Source

Read an Integer or Double in JSON format, returning a Rational

readJSArray :: GetJSON JSValue Source

Read a list in JSON format

readJSObject :: GetJSON JSValue Source

Read an object in JSON format

readJSValue :: GetJSON JSValue Source

Read one of several possible JS types

readJSTopType :: GetJSON JSValue Source

Top level JSON can only be Arrays or Objects

Writing JSON

showJSNull :: ShowS Source

Write the JSON null type

showJSBool :: Bool -> ShowS Source

Write the JSON Bool type

showJSArray :: [JSValue] -> ShowS Source

Show a list in JSON format

showJSObject :: JSObject JSValue -> ShowS Source

Show an association list in JSON format

showJSRational :: Rational -> ShowS Source

Show a Rational in JSON format

showJSValue :: JSValue -> ShowS Source

Show JSON values

showJSTopType :: JSValue -> ShowS Source

Writing JSON

Show strict JSON top level types. Values not permitted at the top level are wrapped in a singleton array.