kibro-0.3: Web development framework.




Start Kibro

startKibro :: [PageAssign ()] -> IO ()Source

Same as startKibro', but with value as () and uses forkIO to fork



:: v

The value to be passed to pages

-> (IO () -> IO ThreadId)

How to fork threads

-> [PageAssign v]

Page list of (regex,page action)

-> IO () 

Start Kibro FastCGI server

Value which the Kibro monad holds

getValue :: Kibro v vSource

Input utilities

getURIMatch :: Kibro v MatchResultSource

Session utilities

getSess :: String -> Kibro v (Maybe String)Source

Get a session value

putSess :: String -> String -> Kibro v ()Source

Put a session value

deleteSess :: String -> Kibro v ()Source

Delete a session value

modifySess :: String -> (String -> String) -> Kibro v (Maybe String)Source

Modify a session value, if the value does not exist, no change occurs

getSessDef :: String -> String -> Kibro v StringSource

Get session value or return default value

modifySessDef :: String -> (String -> String) -> String -> Kibro v StringSource

Modify a session value, if the value does not exist, the default value is modified and inserted

readSess :: Read a => String -> Kibro v (Maybe a)Source

Read a session value

writeSess :: Show a => String -> a -> Kibro v ()Source

Show a session value and put it

modifyRSess :: (Read a, Show a) => String -> (a -> a) -> Kibro v (Maybe a)Source

Same as modifySess, but with Read/Show instance values

modifyRSessDef :: (Read a, Show a) => String -> (a -> a) -> a -> Kibro v aSource

Same as modifySessDef, but with Read/Show instance values

HTML utilities

stylesheet :: String -> HtmlSource

Simple stylesheet element

(<<$) :: HTML a => (Html -> b) -> a -> bSource

Nice operator for removing parentheses.

type PageAssign v = (String, Page v)Source

List of (regular expression,page action) pairs

Module re-exports