language-c-quote-0.7.1: C/CUDA/OpenCL/Objective-C quasiquoting library.
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data ArraySize Source

There are two types of declarators in C, regular declarators and abstract declarators. The former is for declaring variables, function parameters, typedefs, etc. and the latter for abstract types---typedef int ({*}foo)(void) vs. tt int ({*})(void). The difference between the two is just whether or not an identifier is attached to the declarator. We therefore only define one Decl type and use it for both cases.

data ObjCMethodProto Source


ObjCMethodProto Bool (Maybe Type) [Attr] [ObjCParm] Bool [Attr] !SrcLoc

Invariant: First parameter must at least either have a selector or an identifier; all other parameters must have an identifier.