language-ecmascript-0.16.1: JavaScript parser and pretty-printer library

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A few helpers to work with the AST annotations



removeAnnotations :: Traversable t => t a -> t ()Source

Removes annotations from a tree

reannotate :: Traversable t => (a -> b) -> t a -> t bSource

Changes all the labels in the tree to another one, given by a function.

addExtraAnnotationField :: Traversable t => b -> t a -> t (a, b)Source

add an extra field to the AST labels (the label would look like (a, b) )

removeExtraAnnotationField :: Traversable t => t (a, b) -> t aSource

remove an extra field



:: Traversable t 
=> Int

starting id

-> t a

tree root

-> (t (a, Int), Int) 

Assigns unique numeric (Int) ids to each node in the AST. Returns a pair: the tree annotated with UID's and the last ID that was assigned.

class HasAnnotation a whereSource

Things that have annotations -- for example, nodes in a syntax tree


getAnnotation :: a b -> bSource

Returns the annotation of the root of the tree

setAnnotation :: b -> a b -> a bSource

Sets the annotation of the root of the tree

withAnnotation :: HasAnnotation a => (b -> b) -> a b -> a bSource

Modify the annotation of the root node of the syntax tree