language-javascript-0.4.0: Parser for JavaScript






:: String

The input stream (Javascript source code).

-> String

The name of the Javascript source (filename or input device).

-> Either ParseError JSNode

An error or maybe the abstract syntax tree (AST) of zero or more Javascript statements, plus comments.

Parse one compound statement, or a sequence of simple statements. Generally used for interactive input, such as from the command line of an interpreter. Return comments in addition to the parsed statements.

data ParseError Source


UnexpectedToken Token

An error from the parser. Token found where it should not be. Note: tokens contain their own source span.

UnexpectedChar Char AlexPosn

An error from the lexer. Character found where it should not be.

StrError String

A generic error containing a string message. No source location.

data AlexPosn Source

Posn records the location of a token in the input text. It has three fields: the address (number of characters preceding the token), line number and column of a token within the file. start_pos gives the position of the start of the file and eof_pos a standard encoding for the end of file. move_pos calculates the new position after traversing a given character, assuming the usual eight character tab stops.


AlexPn !Int !Int !Int 


data ParseState Source