language-lua-0.4.4: Lua parser and pretty-printer

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Lua pretty-printer.



renderPretty :: Float -> Int -> Doc -> SimpleDocSource

This is the default pretty printer which is used by show, putDoc and hPutDoc. (renderPretty ribbonfrac width x) renders document x with a page width of width and a ribbon width of (ribbonfrac * width) characters. The ribbon width is the maximal amount of non-indentation characters on a line. The parameter ribbonfrac should be between 0.0 and 1.0. If it is lower or higher, the ribbon width will be 0 or width respectively.

displayS :: SimpleDoc -> ShowSSource

(displayS simpleDoc) takes the output simpleDoc from a rendering function and transforms it to a ShowS type (for use in the Show class).

 showWidth :: Int -> Doc -> String
 showWidth w x   = displayS (renderPretty 0.4 w x) ""

displayIO :: Handle -> SimpleDoc -> IO ()Source

(displayIO handle simpleDoc) writes simpleDoc to the file handle handle. This function is used for example by hPutDoc:

 hPutDoc handle doc  = displayIO handle (renderPretty 0.4 100 doc)