liblastfm- Lastfm API interface

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Lastfm album API

This module is intended to be imported qualified:

 import qualified Network.Lastfm.Album as Album



class ArtistAlbumOrMBID r a | a -> rSource

Unify (Artist -> Album -> …) and (MBID -> …)


addTags :: Request f (Artist -> Album -> [Tag] -> APIKey -> SessionKey -> Sign)Source

Tag an album using a list of user supplied tags.

getBuyLinks :: ArtistAlbumOrMBID Ready a => Request f (Country -> a)Source

Get a list of Buy Links for a particular Album. It is required that you supply either the artist and track params or the mbid parameter.

Optional: autocorrect

getInfo :: ArtistAlbumOrMBID Ready a => Request f aSource

Get the metadata for an album on using the album name or a musicbrainz id. See playlist.fetch on how to get the album playlist.

Optional: autocorrect, username, language

getTags :: ArtistAlbumOrMBID r a => Request f aSource

Get the tags applied by an individual user to an album on

Optional: autocorrect, user

getTopTags :: ArtistAlbumOrMBID Ready a => Request f aSource

Get the top tags for an album on, ordered by popularity.

Optional: autocorrect

search :: Request f (Album -> APIKey -> Ready)Source

Search for an album by name. Returns album matches sorted by relevance.

Optional: limit, page

share :: Request f (Album -> Artist -> Recipient -> APIKey -> SessionKey -> Sign)Source

Share an album with one or more users or other friends.

Optional: public, message, recipient