libmpd-0.2.1: An MPD client library.

PortabilityHaskell 98




An MPD client library. MPD is a daemon for playing music that is controlled over a network socket. Its site is at


Basic data types

data MPD a Source

The MPD monad is basically a reader and error monad combined.

To use the error throwing/catching capabilities:

 import Control.Monad.Error

To run IO actions within the MPD monad:

 import Control.Monad.Trans

data MPDError Source

The MPDError type is used to signal errors, both from the MPD and otherwise.



MPD not responding


The connection timed out

Unexpected String

MPD returned an unexpected response. This is a bug, either in the library or in MPD itself.

Custom String

Used for misc. errors

ACK ACKType String

ACK type and a message from the server

data ACKType Source

Represents various MPD errors (aka. ACKs).



Invalid argument passed (ACK 2)


Invalid password supplied (ACK 3)


Authentication required (ACK 4)


Unknown command (ACK 5)


File or directory not found ACK 50)


Playlist at maximum size (ACK 51)


A system error (ACK 52)


Playlist loading failed (ACK 53)


Update already running (ACK 54)


An operation requiring playback got interrupted (ACK 55)


File already exists (ACK 56)


An unknown ACK (aka. bug)


type Response a = Either MPDError aSource

A response is either an MPDError or some result.


withMPD :: MPD a -> IO (Response a)Source

A wrapper for withMPDEx that uses localhost:6600 as the default host:port, or whatever is found in the environment variables MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT. If MPD_HOST is of the form "password@host" the password will be supplied as well.


 withMPD $ play Nothing
 withMPD $ add_ "" "tool" >> play Nothing >> currentSong



:: String

Host name.

-> Integer

Port number.

-> IO (Maybe String)

An action that supplies passwords.

-> MPD a

The action to run.

-> IO (Response a) 

Run an MPD action against a server.

Command related data types

data State Source

Represents the different playback states.




data Status Source

Container for MPD status.




stState :: State
stVolume :: Int

A percentage (0-100)

stRepeat :: Bool
stRandom :: Bool
stPlaylistVersion :: Integer

A value that is incremented by the server every time the playlist changes.

stPlaylistLength :: Integer

The number of items in the current playlist.

stSongPos :: Maybe PLIndex

Current song's position in the playlist.

stSongID :: Maybe PLIndex

Current song's playlist ID.

stTime :: (Seconds, Seconds)

Time elapsed/total time.

stBitrate :: Int

Bitrate (in kilobytes per second) of playing song (if any).

stXFadeWidth :: Seconds

Crossfade time.

stAudio :: (Int, Int, Int)

Samplerate/bits/channels for the chosen output device (see mpd.conf).

stUpdatingDb :: Integer

Job ID of currently running update (if any).

stError :: String

Last error message (if any).


data Stats Source

Container for database statistics.




stsArtists :: Integer

Number of artists.

stsAlbums :: Integer

Number of albums.

stsSongs :: Integer

Number of songs.

stsUptime :: Seconds

Daemon uptime in seconds.

stsPlaytime :: Seconds

Total playing time.

stsDbPlaytime :: Seconds

Total play time of all the songs in the database.

stsDbUpdate :: Integer

Last database update in UNIX time.


data Device Source

Represents an output device.




dOutputID :: Int

Output's ID number

dOutputName :: String

Output's name as defined in the MPD configuration file

dOutputEnabled :: Bool


data Query Source

A query is composed of a scope modifier and a query string.

To match entries where album equals "Foo", use:

 Query Album "Foo"

To match entries where album equals "Foo" and artist equals "Bar", use:

 MultiQuery [Query Album "Foo", Query Artist "Bar"]


Query Meta String

Simple query.

MultiQuery [Query]

Query with multiple conditions.


data Meta Source

Available metadata types/scope modifiers, used for searching the database for entries with certain metadata values.


type PlaylistName = StringSource

Used for commands which require a playlist name. If empty, the current playlist is used.

type Path = StringSource

Used for commands which require a path within the database. If empty, the root path is used.

data PLIndex Source

Represents a song's playlist index.


Pos Integer

A playlist position index (starting from 0)

ID Integer

A playlist ID number that more robustly identifies a song.


data Song Source

Represents a single song item.




sgArtist :: String
sgAlbum :: String
sgTitle :: String
sgFilePath :: String
sgGenre :: String
sgName :: String
sgComposer :: String
sgPerformer :: String
sgLength :: Seconds

Length in seconds

sgDate :: Int


sgTrack :: (Int, Int)

Track number/total tracks

sgDisc :: (Int, Int)

Position in set/total in set

sgIndex :: Maybe PLIndex


data Count Source

Represents the result of running count.




cSongs :: Integer

Number of songs matching the query

cPlaytime :: Seconds

Total play time of matching songs


Admin commands

disableOutput :: Int -> MPD ()Source

Turn off an output device.

enableOutput :: Int -> MPD ()Source

Turn on an output device.

kill :: MPD ()Source

Kill the server. Obviously, the connection is then invalid.

outputs :: MPD [Device]Source

Retrieve information for all output devices.

update :: [Path] -> MPD ()Source

Update the server's database. If no paths are given, all paths will be scanned. Unreadable or non-existent paths are silently ignored.

Database commands

find :: Query -> MPD [Song]Source

Search the database for entries exactly matching a query.



:: Meta

Metadata to list

-> Maybe Query 
-> MPD [String] 

List all metadata of metadata (sic).

listAll :: Path -> MPD [Path]Source

List the songs (without metadata) in a database directory recursively.

lsInfo :: Path -> MPD [Either Path Song]Source

Non-recursively list the contents of a database directory.

search :: Query -> MPD [Song]Source

Search the database using case insensitive matching.

count :: Query -> MPD CountSource

Count the number of entries matching a query.

Playlist commands

Unless otherwise noted all playlist commands operate on the current playlist.

add :: PlaylistName -> Path -> MPD [Path]Source

Like add_ but returns a list of the files added.

add_ :: PlaylistName -> Path -> MPD ()Source

Add a song (or a whole directory) to a playlist. Adds to current if no playlist is specified. Will create a new playlist if the one specified does not already exist.

addId :: Path -> MPD IntegerSource

Like add, but returns a playlist id.

clear :: PlaylistName -> MPD ()Source

Clear a playlist. Clears current playlist if no playlist is specified. If the specified playlist does not exist, it will be created.

currentSong :: MPD (Maybe Song)Source

Get the currently playing song.

delete :: PlaylistName -> PLIndex -> MPD ()Source

Remove a song from a playlist. If no playlist is specified, current playlist is used. Note that a playlist position (Pos) is required when operating on playlists other than the current.

load :: PlaylistName -> MPD ()Source

Load an existing playlist.

move :: PlaylistName -> PLIndex -> Integer -> MPD ()Source

Move a song to a given position. Note that a playlist position (Pos) is required when operating on playlists other than the current.

playlistInfo :: Maybe PLIndex -> MPD [Song]Source

Retrieve metadata for songs in the current playlist.

listPlaylist :: PlaylistName -> MPD [Path]Source

Retrieve a list of files in a given playlist.

listPlaylistInfo :: PlaylistName -> MPD [Song]Source

Retrieve metadata for files in a given playlist.

playlist :: MPD [(PLIndex, Path)]Source

Retrieve file paths and positions of songs in the current playlist. Note that this command is only included for completeness sake; it's deprecated and likely to disappear at any time, please use playlistInfo instead.

plChanges :: Integer -> MPD [Song]Source

Retrieve a list of changed songs currently in the playlist since a given playlist version.

plChangesPosId :: Integer -> MPD [(PLIndex, PLIndex)]Source

Like plChanges but only returns positions and ids.

playlistFind :: Query -> MPD [Song]Source

Search for songs in the current playlist with strict matching.

playlistSearch :: Query -> MPD [Song]Source

Search case-insensitively with partial matches for songs in the current playlist.

rm :: PlaylistName -> MPD ()Source

Delete existing playlist.



:: PlaylistName

Original playlist

-> PlaylistName

New playlist name

-> MPD () 

Rename an existing playlist.

save :: PlaylistName -> MPD ()Source

Save the current playlist.

shuffle :: MPD ()Source

Shuffle the playlist.

swap :: PLIndex -> PLIndex -> MPD ()Source

Swap the positions of two songs. Note that the positions must be of the same type, i.e. mixing Pos and ID will result in a no-op.

Playback commands

crossfade :: Seconds -> MPD ()Source

Set crossfading between songs.

next :: MPD ()Source

Play the next song.

pause :: Bool -> MPD ()Source

Pause playing.

play :: Maybe PLIndex -> MPD ()Source

Begin/continue playing.

previous :: MPD ()Source

Play the previous song.

random :: Bool -> MPD ()Source

Set random playing.

repeat :: Bool -> MPD ()Source

Set repeating.

seek :: Maybe PLIndex -> Seconds -> MPD ()Source

Seek to some point in a song. Seeks in current song if no position is given.

setVolume :: Int -> MPD ()Source

Set the volume (0-100 percent).

volume :: Int -> MPD ()Source

Increase or decrease volume by a given percent, e.g. 'volume 10' will increase the volume by 10 percent, while 'volume (-10)' will decrease it by the same amount. Note that this command is only included for completeness sake ; it's deprecated and may disappear at any time, please use setVolume instead.

stop :: MPD ()Source

Stop playing.

Miscellaneous commands

clearError :: MPD ()Source

Clear the current error message in status.

close :: MPD ()Source

Close an MPD connection.

commands :: MPD [String]Source

Retrieve a list of available commands.

notCommands :: MPD [String]Source

Retrieve a list of unavailable (due to access restrictions) commands.

password :: String -> MPD ()Source

Send password to server to authenticate session. Password is sent as plain text.

ping :: MPD ()Source

Check that the server is still responding.

reconnect :: MPD ()Source

Refresh a connection.

stats :: MPD StatsSource

Get server statistics.

status :: MPD StatusSource

Get the server's status.

tagTypes :: MPD [String]Source

Retrieve a list of available song metadata.

urlHandlers :: MPD [String]Source

Retrieve a list of supported urlhandlers.


addMany :: PlaylistName -> [Path] -> MPD ()Source

Add a list of songs/folders to a playlist. Should be more efficient than running add many times.

deleteMany :: PlaylistName -> [PLIndex] -> MPD ()Source

Delete a list of songs from a playlist. If there is a duplicate then no further songs will be deleted, so take care to avoid them (see prune for this).

complete :: String -> MPD [Either Path Song]Source

Returns all songs and directories that match the given partial path name.

crop :: Maybe PLIndex -> Maybe PLIndex -> MPD ()Source

Crop playlist. The bounds are inclusive. If Nothing or ID is passed the cropping will leave your playlist alone on that side.

prune :: MPD ()Source

Remove duplicate playlist entries.

lsDirs :: Path -> MPD [Path]Source

List directories non-recursively.

lsFiles :: Path -> MPD [Path]Source

List files non-recursively.

lsPlaylists :: MPD [PlaylistName]Source

List all playlists.

findArtist :: Artist -> MPD [Song]Source

Search the database for songs relating to an artist.

findAlbum :: Album -> MPD [Song]Source

Search the database for songs relating to an album.

findTitle :: Title -> MPD [Song]Source

Search the database for songs relating to a song title.

listArtists :: MPD [Artist]Source

List the artists in the database.

listAlbums :: Maybe Artist -> MPD [Album]Source

List the albums in the database, optionally matching a given artist.

listAlbum :: Artist -> Album -> MPD [Song]Source

List the songs in an album of some artist.

searchArtist :: Artist -> MPD [Song]Source

Search the database for songs relating to an artist using search.

searchAlbum :: Album -> MPD [Song]Source

Search the database for songs relating to an album using search.

searchTitle :: Title -> MPD [Song]Source

Search the database for songs relating to a song title.

getPlaylist :: MPD [Song]Source

Retrieve the current playlist. Equivalent to playlistinfo Nothing.

toggle :: MPD ()Source

Toggles play/pause. Plays if stopped.

updateId :: [Path] -> MPD IntegerSource

Like update, but returns the update job id.