llvm-ht- Bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit with some custom extensions.



class Undefined a => Phi a whereSource


Phi () 
IsFirstClass a => Phi (Value a) 
(Phi a, Phi b) => Phi (a, b) 
(Phi a, Phi b, Phi c) => Phi (a, b, c) 

forLoop :: forall i a r. (Phi a, Num i, IsConst i, IsInteger i, IsFirstClass i, CmpRet i Bool) => Value i -> Value i -> a -> (Value i -> a -> CodeGenFunction r a) -> CodeGenFunction r aSource

mapVector :: forall a b n r. (IsPowerOf2 n, IsPrimitive b) => (Value a -> CodeGenFunction r (Value b)) -> Value (Vector n a) -> CodeGenFunction r (Value (Vector n b))Source

mapVector2 :: forall a b c n r. (IsPowerOf2 n, IsPrimitive c) => (Value a -> Value b -> CodeGenFunction r (Value c)) -> Value (Vector n a) -> Value (Vector n b) -> CodeGenFunction r (Value (Vector n c))Source