log-elasticsearch- Structured logging solution (Elasticsearch back end)

Safe HaskellNone



Elasticsearch logging back-end.



esServer :: ElasticSearchConfig -> Text Source #

Elasticsearch server address.

esIndex :: ElasticSearchConfig -> Text Source #

Elasticsearch index name.

esMapping :: ElasticSearchConfig -> Text Source #

Elasticsearch mapping name.

esLogin :: ElasticSearchConfig -> Maybe (EsUsername, EsPassword) Source #

Elasticsearch basic authentication username and password.

esLoginInsecure :: ElasticSearchConfig -> Bool Source #

Allow basic authentication over non-TLS connections.

withElasticSearchLogger :: ElasticSearchConfig -> IO Word32 -> (Logger -> IO r) -> IO r Source #

Create an elasticSearchLogger for the duration of the given action, and shut it down afterwards, making sure that all buffered messages are actually written to the Elasticsearch store.

elasticSearchLogger Source #


:: ElasticSearchConfig


-> IO Word32

Generate a random 32-bit word for use in document IDs.

-> IO Logger 

Deprecated: Use withElasticSearchLogger instead!

Start an asynchronous logger thread that stores messages using Elasticsearch.

Please use withElasticSearchLogger instead, which is more exception-safe (see the note attached to mkBulkLogger).