logic-TPTP-0.2.0: Import, export etc. for TPTP, a syntax for first-order logicSource codeContentsIndex
class Diffable a b where
diff :: a -> a -> b
data DiffResult d
= Same
| SameHead d
| Differ d d
| DontCare
type T0Diff = DiffResult (Term0 (T DiffResult))
type F0Diff = DiffResult (Formula0 (T DiffResult) (F DiffResult))
isSame :: forall t. DiffResult t -> Bool
diffGenF :: Gen Formula
diffGenT :: Gen Term
printSampleDiffs :: IO ()
class Diffable a b whereSource
diff :: a -> a -> bSource
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data DiffResult d Source
SameBoth arguments are the same.
SameHead dThe arguments are recursive expressions of the same form, but their subterms differ. Return a "decorated" term that shows where the differences are
Differ d dThe arguments differ and are not of similar form (don't recurse)
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type T0Diff = DiffResult (Term0 (T DiffResult))Source
type F0Diff = DiffResult (Formula0 (T DiffResult) (F DiffResult))Source
isSame :: forall t. DiffResult t -> BoolSource
diffGenF :: Gen FormulaSource
Less random generator for generating formulae suitable for testing diff
diffGenT :: Gen TermSource
printSampleDiffs :: IO ()Source
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