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Manatee is Haskell integrated environment written in Haskell.

The goal of the Manatee project is to provide a fast, safe and flexible integrated environment for haskell hacking.

You can consider it is new environment mix Gnome and Emacs. Like Gnome to provide friendly graphics interface and work efficient like Emacs.

Manatee use multi-processes framework, any sub-module running in separate process to protected core won't crash. So it minimize your losses when some unexpected exception throw in extension.

You can find screenshots at :

Below is build step for Manatee:

1) Install gold-linker to accelerate installation:

I suggest use gold-linker instead ld to accelerate installation.

In Debian system, you just need do below command:

 sudo aptitude install binutils-gold -y

This step is optional, it's okay use ld link program, just much slow. :)

2) Install GHC compiler

Download ghc package for your system, then do below command :

 ./configure && sudo make install

3) Install C library: In Debian use below command:

 sudo aptitude install libgtksourceview2.0-dev libgconf2-dev libwebkit-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libgtkimageview-dev libpoppler-glib-dev poppler-data libtagc0-dev -y

4) Install cabal:

If you're haskell newbie, use below command to install cabal (haskell expert ignore this):

 sudo aptitude install cabal-install -y

5) Install dependent Haskell library:

First make sure HOME/.cabal/bin/ in your PATH

Generic way is add PATH=$PATH:~\/.cabal\/bin in your ~/.bashrc

Then do below command (NOTE: don't use root permission with cabal, otherwise Manatee can't work):

 cabal update && cabal install happy c2hs gtk2hs-buildtools glib gio pango cairo gtk

6) Install Manatee (same, don't use root permission):

 cabal install manatee-core manatee-anything manatee-browser manatee-editor manatee-filemanager manatee-imageviewer manatee-ircclient manatee-mplayer manatee-pdfviewer manatee-processmanager manatee-reader manatee-curl manatee

That's all, then type command manatee to play it! :)

Manatee can work in Gnome or KDE

Unfortunately, Manatee can't work in XMonad, please let me know if some XMonad hacker know how to fix it. :)

Screenshots at :

Manual at :

IRC channel: 6667 ##manatee


Versions0.0.1, 0.0.2, 0.0.3, 0.0.4, 0.0.5, 0.0.6, 0.0.7, 0.0.8, 0.0.9, 0.1.0, 0.1.1, 0.1.2, 0.1.3, 0.1.4, 0.1.5, 0.1.6, 0.1.7, 0.1.8, 0.2.0, 0.2.1, 0.2.2
Dependenciesbase (==4.*), cairo (>=0.12.0), containers (>=, dbus-client (==0.3.*), dbus-core, directory, gtk (>=0.12.0), gtk-serialized-event (>=0.12.0), manatee-core (>=0.0.3), mtl (>=, stm, template-haskell, text (>=, unix (>=, utf8-string
Copyright(c) 2009 ~ 2010 Andy Stewart
AuthorAndy Stewart
MaintainerAndy Stewart <>
CategoryManatee, Operating System, Desktop Environment, IDE
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