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display-haskell-do (deprecated)40.0A display API for HaskellDO (apache, deprecated, ide, library)kitfreddura
fix-imports180.0Program to manage the imports of a haskell module (bsd3, editor, haskell, ide, program)EvanLaforge
hob10.0A source code editor aiming for the convenience of use (gpl, ide, library, program)rakatan
hpage1090.0A scrapbook for Haskell developers (bsd3, development, editor, ide, program)FernandoBenavides
leksah1150.0Haskell IDE written in Haskell (development, editor, gpl, ide, library, program)HamishMackenzie, JuergenNicklischFranken
leksah-server690.0Metadata collection for leksah (gpl, ide, library, program)HamishMackenzie, JuergenNicklischFranken
manatee430.0The Haskell/Gtk+ Integrated Live Environment (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)AndyStewart
manatee-all20.0Virtual package to install all Manatee packages. (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)AndyStewart
manatee-anything160.0Multithread interactive input/search framework for Manatee (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)AndyStewart
manatee-core210.0The core of Manatee. (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system)AndyStewart
manatee-editor210.0Editor extension for Manatee. (editor, gpl, ide, library, manatee, program)AndyStewart
manatee-template100.0Template code to create Manatee application. (gpl, ide, library, manatee, program, template)AndyStewart
manatee-welcome50.0Welcome module to help user play Manatee quickly. (gpl, ide, library, manatee, program, welcome)AndyStewart
module-management260.0Clean up module imports, split and merge modules (bsd3, development, editor, haskell, ide, library, program, refactoring)DavidFox
wxhnotepad60.0An example of how to implement a basic notepad with wxHaskell (bsd3, development, editor, education, ide, program)FernandoBenavides