manatee-imageviewer-0.0.2: Image viewer extension for Manatee.




imageViewSlideShowInterval :: IntSource

The intervals of slide show (ms).

imageViewDraw :: ImageView -> IO ()Source

Draw image view.

imageViewListenChannel :: ImageView -> IO ()Source

Listen broadcast channel for draw view synchronous.

imageViewZoomOut :: ImageView -> IO ()Source

Zoom out image.

imageViewZoomIn :: ImageView -> IO ()Source

Zoom int image.

imageViewFit :: ImageView -> IO ()Source

Fit the window.

imageViewBrowseFirst :: ImageView -> IO ()Source

View first file.

imageViewRotateCounterclockwise :: ImageView -> IO ()Source

Rotate counterclockwise.

imageViewGetNextFile :: FilePath -> [FilePath] -> Maybe FilePathSource

Find next image file under current directory.

imageViewGetPrevFile :: FilePath -> [FilePath] -> Maybe FilePathSource

Find previous image file under current directory.

imageViewSetAsBackground :: ImageView -> IO ()Source

Set as background, (just work for gnome).