matlab- Matlab bindings and interface

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Mapping of basic Matlab types to Haskell types.


Representations of Matlab types

Most types are simple aliases of Haskell types, given simply to identify them and provide a consistent naming scheme.

type MIO a = IO a Source

class MScalar a Source

The class of types which are simple Matlab scalars and can be array elements

class (MScalar a, Num a) => MNumeric a Source

The class of types which Matlab consisters "numeric"

Numeric types

type MComplex = Complex Source

Complex numeric types. Unfortunately, Complex only applies to RealFloat types, whereas Matlab allows any numeric type, so some types are (currently) unaccessable.

Array indexing

type MSize = [Int] Source

The type of array sizes, which are the column-major lengths of each dimensions

type MSubs = [Int] Source

The type of array index subscripts, which are the column-major, 0-based indices in each dimension with normal Matlab semantics (flatten along last dimension)

newtype MIndex Source

Ways to index an array. Using Matlab semantics, a singleton MSubs [n] is equivalent to a raw 0-based offset (MOffset n).


MSubs MSubs 

mStart :: MIndex Source

First index in array

mOffset :: Int -> MIndex Source

Raw, 0-based array offset index

mSizeRange :: MSize -> (MIndex, MIndex) Source

Convert an array size to an index range, which will be of the form ((0,0,0...),(i-1,j-1,k-1,...))

mRangeSize :: (MIndex, MIndex) -> MSize Source

Convert an index range to an array size

normMSize :: MSize -> MSize Source

Get a more useful size form (no trailing singletons)

realMSize :: MSize -> MSize Source

Get the size form that Matlab likes (length (realMSize s) >= 2)

Opaque types

data MXArray a Source

The general Matlab Array type, used for most all Matlab data

type MAnyArray = MXArray MAny Source

A generic, untyped (void) array, which must be cast (using castMXArray)

newtype MCell Source

A wrapper for a member of a cell array, which itself simply any other array




mCell :: MAnyArray

data MStruct Source

A single struct in an array, represented by an (ordered) list of key-value pairs

type MFun Source


 = [MAnyArray]

RHS input arguments

-> Int

LHS output argument count

-> IO [MAnyArray]

LHS output arguments

A Matlab function