mecha-0.0.4: Mecha is a solid modeling language geared for machine design.Source codeContentsIndex
data Asm
part :: Solid -> Asm
assemble :: [Asm] -> Asm
type Scene = (Camera, Asm)
data Camera
= Orthographic
| Perspective
view :: FilePath -> Int -> Int -> Asm -> IO ()
animate :: FilePath -> Int -> Int -> Int -> [Scene] -> IO ()
data Asm Source
The Asm holds all the parts and sub-assemblies.
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part :: Solid -> AsmSource
Place a part (Solid) in an assembly.
assemble :: [Asm] -> AsmSource
Assemble multiple sub-assemblies together.
type Scene = (Camera, Asm)Source
A Scene is a light position, camera configuration, and an assembly.
data Camera Source
Defines a camera configuration.
OrthographicOrthographgic projection at the origin with a radius.
PerspectivePerspective projection given a camera location and a target.
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view :: FilePath -> Int -> Int -> Asm -> IO ()Source
Renders 3 orthographic views and 1 perspective view and creates a little html page or the images. Assembly should be within 1 of origin.
animate :: FilePath -> Int -> Int -> Int -> [Scene] -> IO ()Source
Renders a MPEG movie with POVRay and ffmpeg given a file name (w/o file extension), heigth, width, frames-per-second, and a list of scenes.
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