mersenne-random-pure64-0.1.1: Generate high quality pseudorandom numbers purely using a Mersenne TwisterContentsIndex
PortabilityCPP, FFI, EmptyDataDecls
MaintainerDon Stewart <>

Tested with: GHC 6.8.2

A purely functional binding 64 bit binding to the classic mersenne twister random number generator. This is more flexible than the impure mersenne library, at the cost of being much slower. This generator is however, many times faster than System.Random, and yields high quality randoms with a long period.

data MTState
type UInt64 = CULLong
c_init_genrand64 :: Ptr MTState -> UInt64 -> IO ()
c_genrand64_int64 :: Ptr MTState -> IO UInt64
c_genrand64_real2 :: Ptr MTState -> IO CDouble
c_init_genrand64_unsafe :: UInt64 -> IO ()
c_genrand64_int64_unsafe :: IO UInt64
c_genrand64_real2_unsafe :: IO CDouble
c_memcpy :: Ptr Word8 -> Ptr Word8 -> CSize -> IO (Ptr Word8)
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