music-score-1.8.1: Musical score and part representation.

Copyright(c) Hans Hoglund 2012-2014
Portabilitynon-portable (TF,GNTD)
Safe HaskellNone






MusicXml backend

class HasMusicXmlInstrument a where Source

Extract instrument info as per Music.Part This is really crude, needs rethinking!


getMusicXmlClef :: a -> Int Source

data MusicXml Source

A token to represent the MusicXml backend.

data XmlContext a Source

Context passed to the note export. Includes duration and note/rest distinction.


XmlContext Duration (Maybe a) 

type HasMusicXml a = (HasBackendNote MusicXml (BackendScoreEvent MusicXml a), HasBackendScore MusicXml a) Source

Constraint for types that has a MusicXML representation.

Converting to MusicXml

toMusicXml :: HasMusicXml a => a -> Score Source

Convert a score to a MusicXML score.

toMusicXmlString :: HasMusicXml a => a -> String Source

Convert a score to a MusicXML string.

MusicXml I/O

showMusicXml :: HasMusicXml a => a -> IO () Source

Convert a score to MusicXML string and print it on the standard output.

openMusicXml :: HasMusicXml a => a -> IO () Source

Typeset a score using MusicXML and open it. (This is simple wrapper around writeMusicXml that may not work well on all platforms.)

writeMusicXml :: HasMusicXml a => FilePath -> a -> IO () Source

Convert a score to MusicXML and write to a file.