mxnet- MXNet interface in Haskell.

Copyright(c) 2016-2017 Tao He
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Interfaces in core module of NNVM.


Re-export data type definitions

type NNUInt = CUInt Source #

Handle size_t type.

NNUint type alias.

type OpHandle = Ptr () Source #

Handle to a function that takes param and creates symbol.

Re-export functions.

nnAPISetLastError :: String -> IO () Source #

Set the last error message needed by C API.

nnGetLastError :: IO String Source #

Return str message of the last error.

nnListAllOpNames :: IO (Int, [String]) Source #

List all the available operator names, include entries.

nnGetOpHandle Source #


:: String

The name of the operator.

-> IO (Int, OpHandle) 

Get operator handle given name.

nnListUniqueOps :: IO (Int, [OpHandle]) Source #

List all the available operators.

nnGetOpInfo :: OpHandle -> IO (Int, String, String, NNUInt, [String], [String], [String], String) Source #

Get the detailed information about atomic symbol.

nnSymbolCreateAtomicSymbol Source #


:: OpHandle

The operator handle.

-> NNUInt

The number of parameters.

-> [String]

The keys to the params.

-> [String]

The values to the params.

-> IO (Int, SymbolHandle) 

Create an AtomicSymbol functor.

nnSymbolCreateVariable Source #


:: String

The name of the variable.

-> IO (Int, SymbolHandle) 

Create a Variable Symbol.

nnSymbolCreateGroup Source #


:: NNUInt

Number of symbols to be grouped.

-> [SymbolHandle]

Array of symbol handles.

-> IO (Int, SymbolHandle) 

Create a Symbol by grouping list of symbols together.

nnAddControlDeps Source #


:: SymbolHandle

The symbol to add dependency edges on.

-> SymbolHandle

The source handles.

-> IO Int 

Add src_dep to the handle as control dep.

nnSymbolFree :: SymbolHandle -> IO Int Source #

Free the symbol handle.

nnSymbolCopy :: SymbolHandle -> IO (Int, SymbolHandle) Source #

Copy the symbol to another handle.

nnSymbolPrint :: SymbolHandle -> IO (Int, String) Source #

Print the content of symbol, used for debug.

nnSymbolGetAttr Source #


:: SymbolHandle

symbol handle

-> String


-> IO (Int, String, Int) 

Get string attribute from symbol.

nnSymbolSetAttrs Source #


:: SymbolHandle 
-> NNUInt 
-> [String]

attribute keys

-> [String]

attribute values

-> IO Int 

Set string attribute from symbol.

nnSymbolListAttrs :: SymbolHandle -> Int -> IO (Int, [String]) Source #

Get all attributes from symbol, including all descendents.

nnSymbolListInputVariables :: SymbolHandle -> Int -> IO (Int, [SymbolHandle]) Source #

List inputs variables in the symbol.

nnSymbolListInputNames :: SymbolHandle -> Int -> IO (Int, [String]) Source #

List input names in the symbol.

nnSymbolListOutputNames :: SymbolHandle -> IO (Int, [String]) Source #

List returns names in the symbol.

nnSymbolGetInternals :: SymbolHandle -> IO (Int, SymbolHandle) Source #

Get a symbol that contains all the internals.

nnSymbolGetOutput :: SymbolHandle -> NNUInt -> IO (Int, SymbolHandle) Source #

Get index-th outputs of the symbol.

nnSymbolCompose Source #


:: SymbolHandle

Creator/Handler of the OP.

-> String 
-> [String] 
-> [SymbolHandle] 
-> IO Int 

Invoke a nnvm op and imperative function.

nnGraphCreate :: SymbolHandle -> IO (Int, GraphHandle) Source #

Create a graph handle from symbol.

nnGraphFree :: GraphHandle -> IO Int Source #

Free the graph handle.

nnGraphGetSymbol Source #


:: GraphHandle

the graph handle.

-> IO (Int, SymbolHandle) 

Get a new symbol from the graph.

nnGraphSetJSONAttr :: GraphHandle -> String -> String -> IO Int Source #

Get Set a attribute in json format.

nnGraphGetJSONAttr :: SymbolHandle -> String -> IO (Int, String, Int) Source #

Get a serialized attrirbute from graph.

nnGraphSetNodeEntryListAttr_ :: GraphHandle -> String -> SymbolHandle -> IO Int Source #

Set a attribute whose type is std::vectorNodeEntry in c++.

nnGraphApplyPasses :: GraphHandle -> NNUInt -> [String] -> IO (Int, GraphHandle) Source #

Apply passes on the src graph.