mxnet- MXNet interface in Haskell.

Copyright(c) 2016-2017 Tao He
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Types in MXNet and NNVM.


Type alias

type NNUInt = CUInt Source #

Handle size_t type.

NNUint type alias.

type MXUInt = CUInt Source #

MXUint type alias.

type MXFloat = CFloat Source #

MXFloat type alias.

Handlers and Creators

type AtomicSymbolCreator = OpHandle Source #

Handle to a function that takes param and creates symbol.

Handlers in predict API

Handlers in nnvm

type OpHandle = Ptr () Source #

Handle to a function that takes param and creates symbol.

Callback types

data ExecutorMonitorCallback Source #

Callback: ExecutorMonitorCallback.

data CustomOpPropCreator Source #

Callback: CustomOpPropCreator.

type MXKVStoreUpdater Source #


 = Int

The key.

-> NDArrayHandle

The pushed value on the key.

-> NDArrayHandle

The value stored on local on the key.

-> Ptr ()

The additional handle to the updater.

-> IO Int 

Callback: MXKVStoreUpdater, user-defined updater for the kvstore.

type MXKVStoreServerController Source #


 = Int

The head of the command.

-> Ptr CChar

The body of the command.

-> Ptr ()

Helper handle for implementing controller.

-> IO Int 

Callback: MXKVStoreServerController, the prototype of a server controller.