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This module implements a data type of directed graphs where there may be multiple edges between a pair of vertices. There are a variety of ways to think of this: As two finite sets V, E with two maps source, target : E -> V. As a finite Set V, a finite set of labels L, and a ternary relation as a subset of (V,L,V).



data LabelledGraph n e Source


(Show n, Show e) => Show (LabelledGraph n e) 


empty :: (Ord n, Ord e) => LabelledGraph n eSource

addEdge :: (Ord n, Ord e) => e -> (n, n) -> Weight -> LabelledGraph n e -> LabelledGraph n eSource

deleteNode :: (Ord e, Ord n) => n -> LabelledGraph n e -> LabelledGraph n eSource

deleteEdge :: (Ord n, Ord e) => e -> LabelledGraph n e -> LabelledGraph n eSource


nodes :: Ord n => LabelledGraph n e -> [n]Source

edgesOutOf :: (Ord e, Ord n) => n -> LabelledGraph n e -> [(e, n)]Source

edgesFromTo :: (Ord e, Ord n) => n -> n -> LabelledGraph n e -> [(e, Weight)]Source

Path tree

data LTree a b Source


LNode a [(b, LTree a b)] 


(Eq a, Eq b) => Eq (LTree a b) 
(Show a, Show b) => Show (LTree a b) 

pathTree :: (Ord n, Ord e) => LabelledGraph n e -> n -> n -> Maybe (LTree n (e, Weight))Source

Computes the path tree from one node to another node of the graph. Each node of the tree is a path in the graph from the source to some node in the graph. The parent of a node is the node representing the path with one less edge than the node.

mapLTree :: (a -> c) -> (b -> d) -> LTree a b -> LTree c dSource

drawTree :: LTree String String -> StringSource

Neat 2-dimensional drawing of a tree. Mostly borrowed from code in Data.Tree module.