netwire-3.1.0: Fast generic automaton arrow transformer for AFRP

MaintainerErtugrul Soeylemez <>




Nondeterministic wires.


Nondeterministic wires

class Arrow >~ => WSplit (>~) whereSource

Split the wires in the sense of the underlying arrow. A thread in this sense is called a branch. This makes most sense with some logic monad (like a list monad transformer) wrapped in a Kleisli arrow.

Warning: Incorrect usage will cause space leaks. Use with care!


branch :: Foldable f => Wire e >~ (f b) bSource

Splits the wire into a branch for each given input value. Additionally adds a single inhibiting branch.

Note: This wire splits at every instant. In many cases you probably want to apply swallow to it to split only in the first instant.

  • Branches: As many as there are input values + 1.
  • Depends: Current instant.
  • Inhibits: Always in one branch, never in all others.

quit :: Wire e >~ a bSource

Quits the current branch.

  • Branches: Zero.

quitWith :: Wire e >~ b bSource

Acts like the identity wire in the first instant and terminates the branch in the next.

  • Branches: One, then zero.
  • Depends: Current instant.