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This module provides some functionality for pretty-printing certain types to LaTeX format.



class ShowLaTeX a where Source #

A type class for things that can be printed to LaTeX format.

Minimal complete definition: showlatex or showlatex_p.


showlatex :: a -> String Source #

Print to LaTeX format.

showlatex_p :: Int -> a -> ShowS Source #

Print to LaTeX format, with precedence. Analogous to showsPrec.


ShowLaTeX Double Source # 
ShowLaTeX Integer Source # 
ShowLaTeX Rational Source # 
ShowLaTeX DOmega Source # 
ShowLaTeX ZOmega Source # 
ShowLaTeX Dyadic Source # 
ShowLaTeX TwoLevel Source # 
ShowLaTeX SymReal Source # 
ShowLaTeX [TwoLevel] Source # 
ShowLaTeX [Gate] Source # 
ShowLaTeX (Omega Z2) Source # 
(ShowLaTeX a, Ring a, Eq a) => ShowLaTeX (Cplx a) Source # 
(ShowLaTeX a, Eq a, Ring a) => ShowLaTeX (RootTwo a) Source # 
Nat n => ShowLaTeX (Matrix n m DRComplex) Source # 
Nat n => ShowLaTeX (Matrix n m DOmega) Source # 
(ShowLaTeX a, Nat n) => ShowLaTeX (Matrix n m a) Source # 


showlatex :: Matrix n m a -> String Source #

showlatex_p :: Int -> Matrix n m a -> ShowS Source #

showlatex_denomexp_p :: (WholePart a b, ShowLaTeX b, DenomExp a) => Int -> a -> ShowS Source #

Generic showlatex-like method that factors out a common denominator exponent.