non-empty-0.1.2: List-like structures with static restrictions on the number of elements

Safe HaskellNone



data T f a Source


Cons a (f a) 


Functor f => Functor (T f) 
Foldable f => Foldable (T f) 
Traversable f => Traversable (T f) 
Show f => Show (T f) 
(Traversable f, Reverse f) => Reverse (T f) 
(Insert f, Sort f) => Sort (T f) 
Repeat f => Repeat (T f) 
Zip f => Zip (T f) 
(Cons f, Empty f) => Cons (T f) 
Empty (T f) 
Tails f => Tails (T f) 
RemoveEach f => RemoveEach (T f) 
Insert f => Insert (T f) 
(Eq a, Eq (f a)) => Eq (T f a) 
(Ord a, Ord (f a)) => Ord (T f a) 
(Show f, Show a) => Show (T f a) 
(Arbitrary f, Arbitrary a) => Arbitrary (T f a) 

(?:) :: a -> f a -> T f aSource

fromEmpty :: T a -> T f aSource

fromNonEmpty :: T f a -> T f aSource