numeric-prelude-0.1.2: An experimental alternative hierarchy of numeric type classesSource codeContentsIndex
PortabilityAbstract concept of a Monoid.
Will be used in order to generate type classes for generic algebras. An algebra is a vector space that also is a monoid. Should we use the Monoid class from base library despite its unfortunate method name mappend?
class C a where
idt :: a
(<*>) :: a -> a -> a
class C a whereSource
We expect a monoid to adher to associativity and the identity behaving decently. Nothing more, really.
idt :: aSource
(<*>) :: a -> a -> aSource
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C All
C Any
C a => C (Dual a)
C (Endo a)
C a => C (Sum a)
C a => C (Product a)
C (First a)
C (Last a)
Ord a => C (Max a)
Ord a => C (Min a)
C a => C (LCM a)
C a => C (GCD a)
Ix i => C (T i)
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