open-witness-0.1.1: open witnesses




data OpenWitness s a Source

A witness type that can witness to any type. But values cannot be constructed; they can only be generated in IO and certain other monads.


data RealWorld Source

The s type for running OW in IO.

newIOWitness :: forall a. IO (IOWitness a)Source

Generate a new IOWitness in IO.

data OW s a Source

A runnable monad in which OpenWitness values can be generated. The s parameter plays the same role as it does in ST, preventing OpenWitness values from one run being used in another.


Monad (OW s) 
Functor (OW s) 
MonadFix (OW s) 

newOpenWitnessOW :: forall s a. OW s (OpenWitness s a)Source

Generate a new OpenWitness in OW.

runOW :: forall a. (forall s. OW s a) -> aSource

Run an OW computation.

owToIO :: OW RealWorld a -> IO aSource

Run an OW computation in IO.

unsafeIOWitnessFromString :: String -> IOWitness aSource

In the absence of open witness declarations, an unsafe hack to generate IOWitness values. This is safe if you use a different string each time (and hashString doesn't collide), and if a is a single type.