openid- An implementation of the OpenID-2.0 spec.

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MaintainerJames Halliday <>






data Config Source

Provides configuration settings for verify and auth. For now, this is just the errors which may be thrown by either.

data Session Source

Wrap up all the data necessary to do a verify into one place, plus some extra useful stuff.




sAuthURI :: String

the authentication uri to send the client off to

sProvider :: String

the OpenID provider as a string

sIdentity :: String

the normalized OpenID identity as a string

sReturnTo :: String

the uri the client will come back to after authenticating

sAssocMap :: AssociationMap

the association map manager thing used internally


auth :: Config -> String -> String -> IO SessionSource

Given a configuration, identity, and return uri, contact the remote provider to create a Session object encapsulating the useful bits of data to pass along to verify and also to pick out the normalized identity from.

verify :: Config -> Session -> String -> IO ()Source

Given a configuration, a Session generated by auth, and the uri that the client came back on from the provider, make sure the client properly authenticated by running verifyError on failure to verify the credentials.

config :: ConfigSource

Provide default configuration with error handlers that just fail with a useful message when errors happen. This behavior is what most people would probably end up writing themselves anyways.