openid- An implementation of the OpenID-2.0 spec.

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:: AssociationManager am 
=> am

Your pre-established assocations

-> CheckIdMode

Use this if you want to try to use OpenID's Immediate mode. Some providers won't ever let this mode succeed, whereas some won't even prompt the user in Setup mode and go straight for the redirect. It is safe to use the Setup mode only.

-> Provider

The OpenID provider's (e.g Google or Yahoo) OpenID URI

-> Identifier

The identity URI you are trying to verify. Please note that a number of providers no longer encode their services' usernames into the URI.

-> ReturnTo

After the user verifies that they are indeed them with the OpenID provider, where should said provider redirect them?

-> Maybe Params

Additional params for OpenID extensions. You can use this to verify a user's email using Attribute Extensions.

-> Maybe Realm 
-> URI 

Generate an authentication URL. The params field allows you to | specify any extensions, for example, AttributeExchange.

verifyAuthentication :: (Monad m, AssociationManager am) => am -> Params -> ReturnTo -> Resolver m -> m (Either Error ())Source

Verify a signature on a set of params.