osm-download-0.1: Download Open Street Map tiles





High Level Operations

downloadBestFitTiles :: String -> (Lat a, Lon a) => [a] -> IO [[ByteString]]Source

The suggested copyright text in accordance with http:wiki.openstreetmap.orgwikiLegal_FAQ

Takes the destination directory for the web content, the (Trail PtType), and uses the DrawOsm functions to generate an `osm.png' file showing the trail.

pixelPosForCoord :: (Lon a, Lat a, Integral t) => [a] -> TileCoords -> Int -> (t, t)Source

Takes a WptType, and the OSM tile boundaries and generates (x,y) points to be placed on the Image

Low level and helper functions

determineTileCoords :: (Lat a, Lon a) => [a] -> Int -> Maybe TileCoordsSource

selectedTiles :: TileCoords -> [[TileID]]Source

Takes the boundaries of the OSM tiles, and generates [(Int,Int)] containing a list of all OSM tiles that need downloading

downloadTiles :: String -> [[TileID]] -> Int -> IO [[ByteString]]Source

Takes the boundaries of the OSM tiles and downloads the tiles, keeping them in proper grid patterns for latter stiching or side-by-side display.