pangraph-0.2.1: A set of parsers for graph languages and conversions to graph libaries.

Safe HaskellNone



Functions for parseing gml (Graphical Modelling Language) files. A gml specification can be found at:

This follows the specification except for two cases:

  1. All files are assumed to be encoded in UTF8
  2. The line length limit is ignored.


parse :: ByteString -> Maybe Pangraph Source #

Parses the ByteString into a Pangraph.

parseGml :: ByteString -> Maybe (Gml Text) Source #

Parses the ByteString into a Gml ast. The function doesn't decode special characters inside strings. To decode special characters inside strings use the decode function.

decode :: Gml Text -> Gml Text Source #

Decodes special characters inside gml strings.

gmlToPangraph :: Gml Text -> Maybe Pangraph Source #

Converts a gml ast into a Pangraph. If a node/edge contains a gml object these object are not contained in the resulting Pangraph.